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how do i move on from a really bad relationship?


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so i dated this guy and we were hitting it off and we really loved each other, but he hated my ex so he made me stop talking to him. then out of the blue he said he had to move to New Zealand and i was sad and was trying my best to keep him here. but as soon as he broke up with me i started to hang out with my ex because he's a really nice guy and my he got angry so with in a week he had a new gf! by now i was crying everyday and got into depression, i trusted him, loved him & even told him bout this dream i had where i had a baby girl named Angela.


guess what he did? he got his current gf pregnant and is planning to call the baby Angela, that's a big thing for me & i'm honestly not coping with the pain he left. it feels like he never loved me, now i'm trying to move on but everything i see or think reminds me of him. its been 8 months since he broke up with me.


help *sadness*

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What I don't understand is .. why should you feel subjected to not hanging out with your ex when he's the one that broke up with you and left?

This guy sounds really selfish. And the fact that he got his current gf pregnant along with everything else... is very immature.

I'm sorry to say this, but he probably did you a favor by breaking it off.

Judging by his actions, I wouldn't be so sure if he loved you either..


I hope you can put this person in the past and move forward.

Just give it time. Keep yourself busy with friends and family, or pick up a hobby.

There are far more better guys out there than your ex.

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Sounds to me like there was no real love here from either of you. He wrote you off completely when you immediately started hanging out with your ex after the break-up. Of course you had every right to do this, but it also showed him that you were not willing to wait for him for even a minute. I don't condone his behaviour either. What a shallow guy for getting with someone so quickly and then pregnant. From either side, I can't see much here to begin with.

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Wow, what the hell? That guy is a jerk.

I agree with Java, I think he's done you a favour breaking it off, if he's gonna treat you like that

I really hope you find someone who loves and cares about you, you really deserve it.

You can hang out with who you want, it's your choice after all.

I really hope you're okay and that you heal soon.

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