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boyfriend taking me for granted?


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So my boyfriend and I are still in high school. We met through out cross country team in his freshman year and my sophomore year. We have been dating for two years now (he's 16 and I'm 17)

I feel so unloved and not cared for. He always gets so frustrated easily and angry with me. I try to my best ability to be a good girlfriend but according to him I never try in our relationship. I work my butt off!


The other day, he opened up to me about his parents, and I tried telling him not to worry, it was an adult situation and they would handle it. He BLEW UP on me and started yelling. It hurt so bad, I was only trying to help. He made me feel guilty by saying "you can't tell me not to worry about my parents!" Gaaah/:


I always go to his house when he wants me to, I always text him Because he wants me to, and I try being there for him but it just seems like I'm not good enough/: what do I do?!

I tried talking to him, letting him know how I feel, but he just gets angrier and starts telling me "how do you think I feel?!"


Breaking up is not an option, I won't give up on him. Should I play "hard to get"


But he has gotten so stubborn, he doesn't even try himself

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Guys deal with problems differently than girls do... most of them just want to be left alone to deal with their problems themselves, and I think during this time, it may be best to just back off and let him deal with his stress. At the same time, let him know that you're there to support them, but don't keep reminding him of that. Just say it once and back off. He will come to you once you've given him enough space to miss you.

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Why wouldn't breaking up be an option? What other option do you have except to show him that you don't tolerate that behaviour? How do you usually react when he blows up at you? Do you apologise and take the blame, have you tried calming telling him that you don't appreciate being yelled at when you try to help, and have you then left his house or asked him to leave?


It's better for you if you learn early on that you can't change other people. You can only change your own behaviour. And people will only respect boundaries if YOU have them in the first place.

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Why isn't breaking up an option?


Why is this sort of behavior in anyway acceptable?


Why should it be up to you to keep the relationship going?


You deserve MORE than this. If you accept this behavior he will continue to treat you like this.


Don't play games, just tell him you deserve better, in a nice way of course, and then take a big step back.


If he feels anything for you he'll mend his ways. If he doesn't,...well it wouldn't have lasted anyway.

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What do you think "Playing Hard To Get" is going to do? Get him to chase you? Get him to miss you?




Don't play those silly games. Also, you need to stop trying so hard - it is him who is acting like a baby.


i agree with this playing hard to get will get u no where.hes having a difficult time and for his maturity it just sounds like he cant handle it. just be there for hum and like the posters obove said he should come to his sences

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in a way i could relate to this. my ex at one point would get pissed off at me for no reason she was angry and i stayed because i thought everything was going to get better. some things changed but at the same time other things started to happen.sometimes people are just to inlove to break up

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Leave him, he's a child and using you to vent his negative emotions.


If he begs you back, refuse and take up with someone better. You're 16, so hopefully he'll learn his lesson from you and never treat anyone like this again.

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I was exactly the same way when I was your age. Honestly, if you won't break up with him, I will agree with the rest and say that the best thing to do is just give him space. Also, I would definitely stand up for yourself and stop doing things just because he wants you too. If he really loves you, he'll respect that. I also used to go over to my boyfriend's house whenever he wanted me to, would text him or call him whenever he wanted me to, etc. After a while, he didn't really respect me anymore because he knew that I would always do what he wanted even if it was just to avoid a fight.


I really hope that things work out between you guys but I also hope that you do what's best for you too! Just give him space and hope everything is good!

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