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Gone for five weeks straight...

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Not sure where else I could post this..


I just had to leave my girlfriend for five weeks to go study French in Québec City on a program four days ago. While it's still pretty phenomenal, and the city itself is amazing, I find myself never being able to take my mind off of her.. We still text every day just like we always have, and I'm trying to get Skype set up so I can talk to her that way, but I find myself constantly getting into a sort of a "funk", as I know that I'm not going to be able to see her again for so long...


I can try to distract myself, but I find my mind always going right back to missing her... It's to the point where how much I miss her is pretty much all that's on my mind all day.


I guess I'm making myself anxious too, because while I know that my feelings for her obviously aren't going to subside over simply five weeks, despite the fact that I know that we have such a good relationship together, and that we both love each other much more then for five weeks away to bring everything we have to a halt, I'm still just afraid that she might not still have the same feelings towards me once I get back, and that feeling of never really knowing is driving me crazy...


We'd been officially going out for about a month and a half or so before I left, but we had always had feelings for each other ever since the start of this last school year. [We've talked about it together already. We used to hang out a lot back then anyway though, at least in school.]


It sucks seeing as I'm practically going to be GONE for the same amount of time that our official relationship has even been going for, it's ridiculous. I barely even wanted to go on the trip as once we started going out, but it was too late to back out of it by then. Would be amazing if she was here though.


I hardly even know what I'm asking here.. This is one part me posting a thread for information's sake, and another part me just wanting a place to sort of vent some of my emotions.


I guess what I'm wondering is what can I do to take my mind off of being afraid that she'll grow apart from me while I'm gone, because that anxiety is getting pretty overwhelming.


Thanks I guess if anyone can help here.

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RandomAway, you're missing the whole point of the Explore program! You're supposed to be there to experience the culture and to learn the language. how are you having so much time to yourself? When I did the program, we barely had any free time save for two hours in the afternoon... even if you have free time, you should be exploring the city! Old Quebec is gorgeous and there are so many things going on during the summer in Quebec (like the music festival! and there are usually lots of free shows around town... cirque du soleil shows, etc.)


This might be a really good thing because distance DOES make the heart grow stronger... especially since you've been talking almost every single day. You're probably just experiencing some separation anxiety as it has only been a few days. Give it a little bit of time... once you start making more friends there, it'll be different. and 5 weeks isn't an eternity... PLUS you have your weekends free. Maybe she can visit you on the weekend?

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Well that's strange, now I really want to take this down from here for my own privacy's sake... But there's no delete button either.


Perfect. Anyone know a way, or am I really going to have this stuck up here now with no way of removing it forever?


Edit: Would like to know a lot sooner rather then later. Hopefully a mod comes by sees this and deletes it, best case scenario.

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5 weeks is not that long. I will be away for 8 months on a world trip that I booked before I even met my BF, we been together for ~3 months now, by the time I leave we will have been together around 6 months. What helps me is reminding myself that he has the same fears as I do (his are probably even more justified), but I see it as a test for our relationship - if it can't survive 8 months of me traveling, it would've never lasted anyway. I think it'll strengthen our bond.

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