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I just can't tell! Help me :)


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Okayyy here's my situation . I have been in love with a kid I go to schoolwitty since I met him 6 years ago. He is in a different group of friends than mine but I lift with him a lot. We never really hangout unless we see each other at a party but I wouldn't consider that hanging out. I have tried to read his eyes and he does hold eye contact sometimes and we won't even be talking! I am a very straight acting and talking man and so is he so it makes it very hard to tell!!! I only have one year left with him in high school and I don't wanna walk away and think of what might have been!!! He is a very attractive guy very clean cut and everything. He never really had a gf but he has had sex with girls? But when were together I sense a major attraction not just from me but from him. I make moves at him like tackling him playfully and making touching moves at him and if I don't touch him in a while he will touch me! so I think that's a good sign??? Hellpp me

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I think that you're going through a rush of thoughts and excitement that is absolutely normal, but maybe is it not in the same order as the way I would think is right. First off, I think that the most important point here is to move around something and to take it from there: you. It doesn't matter about him yet. Can you talk a bit more about yourself? What I think is considerably more important is that you understand who you are and that you are confident with everything of you. Not only will it be useful if you want to build a relationship with this boy (or man), especially for initiating a first contact, but it will also serve you anytime after with people; including when going for an interview for work.

Then, fear of rejection will come off, and later on you will be able to tell good signs based on experience by yourself. Otherwise, at the moment, I can tell you if it's a good sign or not based on my own experience, but it doesn't garantee that I have absolutely right, especially not been into the situation myself.

In this case, I think it's good indeed, but I wouldn't start thinking anything otherwise until I've developed a good contact with him, or by asking him for his electronic information (facebook or myspace account, email) as straightforward as possible. Tip: salutation, casual topic, conclusion, ask for email, bye.

Don't worry! It's nothing too bad if anything wrong happens! But it's better when it happens when you feel at your peak shape and self-confidence.

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Thanks for the imput! I feel that I am very confident with myself and am a very social person. I just am not out in the open about my sexuality just because of the high school judgement. haha I think everyone knows what that's like. I feel I am a very popular kid in school and I am friends with almost everyone. I just don't feel I'm ready to come out yet tho I am a very straight talking and acting man so I feel it would come as a surprise to a lot of people highschoolers and adults if I were to come out. I have been thinking about him every night I go to bed and several times throught the day ever since I met him 6 years ago.. Everywhere I go I picture how a life with him would be soooo wonderful and how I want to give him everything he ever wants. (as corny as that sounds). I care about him sooo much. Thaat's why I'm afraid to tell him not because I don't think he'll accept me for being gay but I don't want to scare him off. I don't want to have to face never seeing him again.

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You're in front of a lose - lose situation, then. The only thing is, I can shake the bottle a little bit and voila, it's a win - lose situation.


If you can just keep in touch with him, that's the minimum you would like to have, right? That's it? Really? If so... let's build a plan and we'll see how it goes, okay?

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