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Killing myself


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So i just need to vent and want your opinion if i am crazy for feeling like this. I have been with my guy for about 8 months now. Things have been so wonderful between us, we have gone on vacation together already and met eachothers families. We spend so much time with each other , I spend more time at his apartment than at my house. My only thing is that I feel like this may be too good to be true and maybe thats why sometimes on days like today i feel sad and slightly depressed. I think this may be due to the fact that i am 21 (almost 22) and he is 38. I feel like one day he may wake up and think to himself what he is doing with me. Numerous times he has expressed how wonderful i am , he can't believe he met me, he also says he is very surprised at the way i handle myself for my age. We get along great and i dont feel the age difference between us. IDK im just scared that this may be too good to be true,and I can't help feel like this every now and then . I would love some insight please!!

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