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What is going on in my ex's head?

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Long story short....ex broke up with me a little over a month ago, started dating my ex-friend a week ago....you can check my previous threads if you want detail. Anyways, i was getting along fine healing, not expecting him to contact me...today was 11 days of NC from either end. Meanwhile, i got a new job that he shouldn't know about, and I didn't want him to know about my life whatsoever. I was texting a friend from school, not expecting anyone else to text me, but I realize my ex made contact...I am not responding.


"How is bartending"


"And thanks for blocking me lol glad you found a job"


"You will probably ignore these like normal lol well have fun tyyl"


What the HE double hockey sticks is he playing at?! He has a girlfriend, so he has NO BUSINESS talking to me and absolutely NO BUSINESS in my life!

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This sounds like the sick sh*t my ex likes to do. I've never interpreted it as anything more than "ha ha, you think you can hide from me but you can't. I still know what's going on in your life!"


He doesn't actually WANT anything from you other than to harass you and basically tell you "I'm still here." He wants you to reply because he wants to know he still has an effect on you. Just ignore it, and he'll get bored of it eventually. I'm sorry you have to go through this.

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I think he needs you as his ego builder. The no-reply is the best thing you can do and I admire you for that. Why don't you block his number or change your settings so his e-mails or IM go straight to archive.

Behavior like this is just for him to show off,nothing else,nothing good.


I am with you if you need to talk.

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He's trying to manipulate you into contacting him. The comments about your new job (congrats, by the way), plus the "you'll probably ignore these like normal" thing are all attempts to bait you. Don't take it - just delete the texts and shake it off. I know that it can be tempting to get into a conversation, even if just to tell him off. But trust me, right now that is not worth it. It doesn't matter what you say to him right now, because hearing anything at all from you is all he wants. He just wants to know that if he comes calling, you will answer, even if it's in a negative way. He'll take that and use it to boost his ego, knowing that he still has that little bit of power over you.


Delete the texts, and better yet, delete his number.

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I found out how he knows I've got a new job...I'm working for the dad of a long-time mutual friend, who is also friends with his gf (my now ex-friend). Apparently gf asked my long-term friend how I was doing ( like she really cares or she wouldn't be with my ex so soon) and she told the gf, who told my ex.

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