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will this change anything??


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I have been late on my period for about a week and a half. My breast have been really sore and have gotten much bigger. My Post doesn't deal with pregnancy instead im curious on if what i did by telling my guy was the right thing to do:



So i wake up and we are talking and very calmly i say... To be honest with you I am kinda nervous that I haven't gotten my period yet. He asks how long it has been and I tell him. He says that he will support me in any decision i make, he was even kinda joking around that it may be twins to kinda shift the mood of the convo. He gets up to get ready for a meeting and he is quieter than usual. He says to keep him posted once i take a pregnancy test. I text him about an hour later telling him its negative and i also say " I am sorry if i made you nervous this morning but i needed to get it off my chest" and he said "No worries : )".



So my question is was i wrong for telling him about me being late? or should i have addressed him instead if i had a positive test? I also wonder if me telling him will affect the dynamics of our relationship? I always over analyze everything and i feel like thats what i may be doing. I would really appreciate your opinions.

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Calm down! It'll be fine! If you are worried about being pregnant and you're in a relationship your boyfriend should probably be the first you tell, it would be his baby after all! I'm sure he understands that you were worried, it is scary when your period's late. You didn't say how old you are but with the worrying I'd assume he's just relieved you're not pregnant No need to over analyse.

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