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Sex with the ex....

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Bad idea. No good can come from clinging to what's already lost. All you do is just open yourself up to more misery, and lets face it who needs more misery?


but is it neccessarily bad if both people are still clinging? doesnt that show that neither one is willing to walk? or am i being silly?

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oh i know. im sure most of us have curious why its such a bad idea...were you the dumper or the dumpee?.


In all honest, if you need some, why not? Just know that you would be naive to think that nothing else, but sex to coming out of it. It's pretty ideal and far-fetched to think that there's something as "just sex."


If you're a dumpee come back for "just sex", come on. You can have "just sex" with someone else. If you're having sex with your ex, you either didn't think about any of the consequences and know that he's great at sex - which if you're not emotionally attracted and it's just a hit-it-and-quit-it, I say hell yes! If you have the slightest hope of getting back together or "closure", you're pretty much a masochist.


If you're the dumper? You're a , but hey, you shouldn't care about how he feels anyway. I say sure to that - as long as you don't expect anything back.


Any emotions will ruin a great , if you're exes. Just know there's no fairy tale.

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I did with one ex but it was like 10 years later. the only ex that i still talk to. we dont live in the same city but had actually discussed a relationship. It didnt happen and we are still good friends. But the spark between us was still there.


with my current ex, we have a crazy connection too..much more than that ex.in all ways, not just there but it helps (or does it make it harder to cut the cord).. I know its bad. but i did it. and I know it will happen again.


I cant help myself around him. It is amazing and i know he cant either. He just looks at me and thats all it takes to seduce him. hahaha. I did it because i wanted to though, and because I have feelings still, as does he and this kind of feels like a drawn out fight even though it is a breakup so i guess i wanted that to fix everything.

He actually asked me a while ago, why I didnt try to the last time we broke up/were having problems.....apparently that would have helped the situation..... * * * does that mean anyway. its important, but not the most important thing in a relationship.

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i thought i could handle the benefits of sex with "friendship" but i was just lying to myself thinking it will lead to something more then feeling really bad after doing the deed and not hearing from him or having to only being contacted or " buttered up" so we can potentially have sex in the future on his terms.


so as with others BAD IDEA theres always one person in the party that ends up having more feelings then the other =(

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