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I fell for this guy a while ago. I've posted about him before, but I've already decided that I should move on even though it's hard. I never meant to fall for the guy in the first place. It happened out of no where. We work together, which is why I didn't want to like him, or anyone else I work with. I don't want the whole work and relationship conflicts. It happened anyway though, and I've kept reassuring myself that I've had crushes in the past so I will get over him. I am doing online dating and everything to get over him. I even tried to out with this one guy a few weeks ago but I had a hard time being around him. He just divorced three months ago, so I think he is on the rebound, and I was trying to be with him so I can get over my co-worker. None of that has worked though, and I figured it's because we are around each other everyday. So I decided that my two week holidays would be perfect. Everybody is off for two weeks right now at my work. I've kept myself busy, but the night time is the worse. I end up missing him, and he is the last person I think about at night and then the first person I think about when I get up. Then I start my day and I keep myself busy by seeing people, watching movies, cleaning, reading or something. I figure I am doing good because I don't think about him during the day at all. And then I lay down in bed, and there he is again. I told myself at the beginning, last Friday when I woke up that it's the beginning of the holidays so I have time. It's now Wednesday night and it isn't any better. I am starting to get angry with myself. I've never had trouble getting over someone before. I've asked my one friend (more of an aquatance, we don't hang out) to set me up this single guy she knows this weekend but she won't. She thinks I should just ask him out. She thinks I just need to try and see if things will work out between us, and if he says no then that is when I will move on because then I will know for sure he doesn't want me. She and my sister (who I hung out with yesterday) both think he likes me back, but that's not possible. If he did, he would have asked me out by now.


Anyway, I just feel like venting and getting this out. There is a guy I am supposed to meet tomorrow from a dating site, so I am hoping we connect. So far it hasn't worked. Either they don't like me, I don't like them, or it's awkward.


I just miss how well we could talk to each other. We work on a factory line together, and sometimes we work side by side. Last week we got in such a deep conversation that we hadn't realized that the Team Leader had sent everyone for an early lunch. We were talking about our holidays and how he was going biking. He loves talking about biking, so I was asking him about his injuries and he was going into detail about the one, and we both looked up only to realize everyone was gone. We both thought it was funny that the line was empty. Things like that happen often when we talk. I've never connected so well with someone before in my life. I think that's why I can't get over him. But I know he can't possibly like me because he is a very good-looking man. He's the type who likes beautiful girls. I'm not his type. I have a bit of a belly (which I've also posted about) that I'm trying to get rid of. I am not the type of girl who can wear a bikini is the best way I can put it. He's been trying to find a girlfriend, so he's been going on dates with these women and his opinion is always "She was smoking, hot body, but we just didn't really connect" for most of these girls when the guys ask about one of his dates. Every girl, when someone asks how his date ended up usually turns out to be beautiful from the way he describes. So I know he wouldn't want me. Plus, he is trying to find a girlfriend, so if he liked me back, then why hasn't he asked me out? This is something I keep explaining to my sister and my friend. I've told them small things he has done that makes me wonder if he likes me, so that's why they think he likes me back.


Not really sure what I am looking for while posting this. Maybe some tips on how to move on. I really hope it works out with the guy I am going out with tomorrow. I've been chatting with him for a while on the internet, so hopefully... if not, there is another one I've been talking to as well. However, it's still early in the vacation. I still have a week and a half so hopefully by the time I go back to work I won't think about him. I keep hoping if I keep myself busy I won't. I am going hiking tomorrow, and then on the date so hopefully all that tires me out so much that I won't even have time to think about him at night. I will be too exhausted. It sucks because I make myself think about other stuff before I fall asleep, but somehow he enters my mind everytime. My sister and my friend think I should just text him and ask him to hang out some night, but I don;t think so. My sister said since I am good friends with people from work, I should just text a bunch of them, him included and then we can all just hang out together. But I think this should the moving on phase. I've considered contacting the guys from work to hang out because I've been bored, and I don't hang out with my old friends anymore but I haven't because of him. He'd be hurt to know that I contacted them, but not him as well. We've all formed kind of a 'group' at work where we hang out sometimes.


Anyway, sorry for the long post. Just wanted to vent to people who don't me as well as my sister and my friend do. Oh and I put this in emotions and feelings because this is just a crush. It's not love, or a relationship, and we're not dating. So I think it belongs here.

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Every girl, when someone asks how his date ended up usually turns out to be beautiful from the way he describes. So I know he wouldn't want me.

What makes you think that?


Is there any real evidence that you're not physically attractive?


I've seen the pics you posted. You're an attractive young woman, even the pic you posted of your "morning" face

Put it this way if I were in my 20s and single, I'd definitely consider asking you out. Looks wouldn't be any red flag to me.

Most would characterize you as average to above average, with me leaning toward the latter.


So don't go thinking looks are what's hindering you...

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