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Money or Happiness?

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I just have a quick question. Should one choose a job/job training based on how much money it will earn them, or if it makes them happy and is their passion? Should one have to sacrifice time/energy for money at the expense of happiness? (This is if one doesn't have a family to support, etc). Any thoughts?

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You know, I think you should chose both, but at different times.


When I first started working, I was so into my career, that I gave up a lot for it. But, I loved my work, so it wasn't a hard sacrifice. Not all the time. lol


I made a lot of money - enough so that now that I own a business, I can coast and not work so hard, and enjoy more of life.


So, I think you should be willing to do both, depending at what stage of your life you're in, and what other commitments or goals you have.


For instance, if material possessions/supporting others aren't important to you or required, then it doesn't make sense to sell out for money, does it?

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I'd think it depends on what you intend to do with the money and why you want the money? Do you plan to blow it on nice clothes, car gadgets? or do plan to travel the world for a few years or move into your own apartment?


The problem with going for careers that pay are they are usually soul sucking, problem with finding job that's rewarding is that it's often career dead end with little chance of moving upwards in your field.

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It's a balancing act. You trade off one against the other based on your wants and needs. I own my own inestment firm and I make a load of cash but i don't love my job. It's what I do to make the other parts of my life more enjoyable. Kids, travel, houses, cars, they all flow from my job and thats what makes me happy. Can't have one without the other.

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