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you know what sucks?


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it sucks loving your ex for so long after he's your ex. it sucks being with someone new that you want to love just as much, but knowing anyone after your ex will always be the one you love second most.

i hate today.

im really tired of loving fully and being faced with a guy who wants to move slow and not take chances and not jump headfirst into love and trust that love will be enough when it comes down to it. maybe i'm not realistic. but is it really so terrible to want someone to love me back the way i love them? is it really so terrible to want my ex to still love me, and come around for another try and let love be enough?


i need a hug.

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Sometimes, you have to let it go. Move on with life.


You are only in agony because you're allowing yourself to be.


Pine or not, he's not going to come back. I'm sorry, but he doesn't have a radar that tells him you want him back.


Please save yourself the pain and accept that he is gone for good.


Life is good, and life is way too short to be hung up over one guy.

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Sometimes love just isn't enough and that is a tough pill to swallow. I once thought that love can conquer all but it can't. Just know that you tried your best and you gave it your all. as the saying goes " it is better to loved and lost then to never love at all"


You will come out of this with your head held high, believe me, it just takes times! best of luck and be strong.

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