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I'm going to start a fire


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I have been reading online that writing a letter to your ex and in the letter you put all of the things that you would like to ask or say to your ex and then not sending the letter to them but then either ripping it up or setting it on fire.


I was thinking of making a little fire with this letter to my ex and also I'm going to print of some of the photos of me and my ex and add them to the fire too.

Have you tried this before? Did it help to make you feel better?

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I'm actually a big fan of the fire, lol. It's a symbolic thing - I don't look at it as destruction but rather letting it go to the wind - Watching the smoke just swirl up and away. I do this sometimes when things are worrying me a lot. I'll write down all my thoughts, go in the yard and throw it in the pit. It does help me tremendously - Whatever works. Just don't set yourself on fire with it.

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