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I need opinions :)


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Ok, I posted a while ago about a crush on my tennis coach....


Well a little update, I am a full member at the club now paid for the year in advance. So what to do... I have no idea if my coach is single, but I get the impression she is interested in me too. Its just if I go for it and shes either in a relationship or not interested in me, I will look a fool at the club.


lol, I have been out of the game for too long!

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Whoa! A year's membership...that's a pretty hefty price to pay for someone you barely know. I would network. Ask around. Clubs like that are usually little gossip mills, so I'm sure somebody has her story. But even if you get a green light on her relationship status, you're still on your own as to whether she's interested or not. Good luck.

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