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Oh god !!! there really is no hope for me...

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Hiya everyone.


I made a song and dance on here about how great it felt to be over him and moving on (which i really did think i had). I have been going out and meeting new people but it is just not working out, i cant let anyone in !! i look for HIM. Its made me think of him more so than when i did not do that. I feel as though i am never going to find love again, and its making me sad and lonely. What can i do ??? xx

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How long since you split ?? My ex GF split with me no explanation slept with me then threw me out in the morning everything was fine up to that point. I have noticed when i go out i have no real interest in talking to women i find myself scanning every bar i go in just in case she is there.


I think the best thing to do is do some things for yourself and just let whatever happen happen but only when your ready. Sounds like your just not meeting the right people but at the same time although you say your over your ex it seems you may not be take some time for you im sure you will find somthing with someone again but only when you feel 100% about it.


Most of all look after you be positive and keep strong.

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Remember...you don't find love. Whenever someone is looking for someone special, it doesn't happen (rarely!). I know it is cliche...but if you concentrate on yourself, it will happen again one day. You will feel wonderful about yourself and that will radiate and attract others... if you can't do that for yourself then use meeting someone incredible as the motivation for doing it.


I know it feels bleak at the moment, as to be honest I feel pretty much exactly the same as you right now...but here's the thing I honestly tell myself and believe whole heartedly...(exuse the cheese, but...) there are...how many guys in your town / city / county / state / country...on planet earth? He may have ticked all your boxes perhaps at some point, but I'm willing to bet in time your boxes will change and someone even better will come along who is a better match keep the faith.

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