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another little update from me

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ex asks am i going to be civil?


i was like how have i been? i havent spoke nasty or out of turn to her.


she says by ignoring her and at least letting her know im ok.


i wouldnt call it snubbing, just needed time alone to let go and move on


she asked had i..


i said i think we both have


she then asked who i was seeing and can we be friends


i said you wouldnt know them and friends wont work...


she asked me do i love her and can we at least say hello to each other.


obviously i ignore that question and just say yes we can say hi,


she then said good, and im glad u have moved on u deserve someone lovely




what is this all about.. she left me 3 months for someother guy. i have been in nc for abouta month and she has text me 6 times without me replying as i wasnt strong enough.. now i feel i am.. well i think this posts shows. i miss her everyday, and love her so much still.. but never will i let her know this!


pat on the back for me? lol

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yeah but i felt bad, as i have ignored her messages and her when i seen her out twice now.. i dont want to be thr 'rude' one. i want to bow out with diginty etc.. and im not with anyone else, but she doesnt need to know that. i have 2 dates coming up next week so ill focus on that!

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Big Pat on the back for you bud my ex left me everything was fine then that was it she was gone ive avoided having to work were she does at least until i have gone away for the summer will have to face her when i get back tho and have not heard a word from her in almost a month. It sucks but reading your post makes me feel a little stronger.


My mind has been going over time today where is she what is she doing does she give me a second thought is there someone else. in all honesty i don't need to know nor should i as it would only set me back.


Well Done Mate ;-)

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well she moved in with this guy after like 2 weeks, and i knew she left me for someone else. friend had to tell me. she didnt even tell me. im glad reading my post has made u feel stronger, trust me the strength is in you, you just need to find it. i never thought i would be strong enough to tell my ex i had moved on, i do love her so much, but thats life. and i feel a bit sad now, why she had to ask me all that.. i doubt we will ever get back together. i know it would be stupid to, but i dunno.. she has opened old wounds. so maybe ignoring it would have helped. ouch i did think i was ok.. hopefully go play some football here and will be ok


i know it will kill her knowing that 'im' with someone else as shes extremely jealous. but i went through it, and she will now be raging! it does give me some satifaction.. i do wish her happiness and all. but cant help feeling good, that she 'knows' i have moved on etc.. haha!

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