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in a black hole - i miss him so much

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not a thorough post - just having a really really difficult day


its 3.5 weeks since the break up

i went a week NC but he broke it on monday to ask a trivial question about my kitten


its taken me back a step because I replied but have heard nothnig since


i miss him with all my heart


but he's shown no sign of coming back, regretting his decision, missing me, nothing


we never argued when we were together, he broke up because of ''money issues'' (see my earlier posts) then blocked me from seeing his fb wall

i deleted him as a friend bcos fb is pure evil in these situations. now im doubting his reasons but won't ask him


i told him 2 weeks ago no contact unless he wants me back, thne stupidly sent him a ranting text about how heartless he is being


no text until the monday kitten question


im trying to be nonchalant


i just want a chance with him but im resisting the urge to beg


its a constant feeling of emptiness - we went from 40 texts a day, seeing each other 4-5 times a week to this - nothing


I just want to curl up and disappear





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I know EXACTLY how you feel. I miss his skin, his scent, his beautiful accent, the texts and emails that were a fun part of getting through the work day... and then the wonderful weekends, where we did something fun or nothing for 3 days except snuggle in.


Now I've got no plans for weekends- no one to really talk to about my day, just a couple of cats to come home to-- It's been 2 weeks today since I've had any contact- and I don't plan on making any. But it's still as hard as it was on the 2nd day-- maybe worse. Maybe it has to get worse to get better???

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Hi I also know how you feel my ex broke up with me for no reason everything was great we had a week of space i went to see her she told me everything would be fine we slept together then in the morning she broke up with me the second she woke up. It wreaked my head i have not heard from her for almost a month. I understand your pain i know how it feels.


Im residing to the fact that if they do it to you once there is no going back if it did not work once it will not work again and its all on there terms. It pains me to say this as im going through it right now but its best to move on. Your better than that and deserve more from someone

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