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Friends or more?

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I've been talking with this guys since Febuary 10th and in that time we have gotten close to dating, and then apart and dated other people, but we still have feelings for each other. He says he isn't ready for another realationship and I've told him that I will wait till he is and that I wouldn't date anybody else till he is ready. But it seems that i am putting everything I have in a realationship that isn't there and that will in the end either hurt me or make me as happy as i can be. He says he has feelings for me still but i'm not sure. he asks if i want to go to the movies with him when he took a two day vacation(which he hardly gets one day vacation) and go to holiday world the next day after movies, but then changes his mind about the movie. i just don't know if it's worth it. all i can do is think about him. but it hurts to look at it and think that it's not going to work.

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