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Portland and Seattle!


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My boyfriend and I are going to spend a few days in Portland and Seattle in August. Our trip will be about 6 days total. We're driving up from California and plan on riding bikes around town.


So what are some things we shouldn't miss? We don't really want to do "touristy" stuff, we want to do what the locals love. We love beer and plan to hit up several of the downtown Portland breweries and pubs. But we can't drink alllllll the time, so what else is good to do? We also love music (punk rock, blues, hip hop, etc.) and photography and art. So give us your favorite museums, galleries, local show venues, bike trails, and anything else you can think of!


Thanks a lot!

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I didn't find much museum that's worth looking in Seattle when I lived there but if you do love music EMP right next to the Space Needle you'll like. Little pricey but it might be worth it. The Science Museum just a block away may have some special events. Once in awhile Seattle's Art Museum will have an exhibit worth looking at.


Seattle has so many bike trails that pretty much go 40+ miles starting from downtown area near link removed right along the coastline. link removed is also another local favorite with a bike/walk/skate trail that wraps around the lake. Not sure if you have off road type of bike but if for any reason the weather sucks, there's actually a huge 7-acre bike trail park that was built few years back under link removed off of Eastlake Ave. Pretty much covers from beginner trail riding, dirt jumping, some short DH runs and trials park.


Pike Place market area is always great for local merchants and doing photography. It's one area that has non-urban impression with tons of people that gather every weekend. And as much as this will be touristy but you can go up to the Space Needle for $10 and take pictures from above. Plenty of urban photography surrounding that area including at night.


Belltown is pretty busy at night with all sorts of venues, bars and local events. Not too far from Pike Place either so around that area including towards the water you two should have plenty of things to do during day & night.

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For Portland, you could bike all of the awesome paths by the river. The Rose Garden is nice to visit, and there are hiking trails in a huge park in the city - Forest Park. You should try to go to the Saturday Market (Saturday and Sunday)- always a great place to people watch - and go to one of the McMenamin's places that serves great brews and has quirky themes. You could take the Max train. If you could, you really ought to drive up the Columbia River Gorge and see Multnomah Falls and hike some trails! There is always Mt. Hood and you could go up to the lodge, or drive up to Hood River and do some wind surfing. You only have 6 days and there is so much to see! Stop at Mt. Lassen on the way and go to see the fumaroles and boiling mud pots. Stop at Crater Lake - another amazing beautiful sight! And on your way up to Seattle, be sure to plan to go see Mt. St. Helens - still a sobering sight to see, even 30 years later.

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Some more things I though of:


Since you are going to be there in August, you could visit a dahlia farm that will be in full bloom and you would get some very colorful pictures! I always like to take this little (historic) ferry to get there, called the "Canby Ferry". It is only 2 or 3 dollars and it adds to the fun. Then follow the signs to Swan Island Dahlia farm.


If you look at Swan Island Dahlia farm on Google Maps, you won't find the ferry, but it shows a dotted line accross the river where it is - northeast of the farm, and between N. Locust St. and SW Mountain Rd. directly west of Hebb Park.


In terms of McMenamins, I googled them and they have certainly expanded since I was there! You should Google them and browse through to see if there is one you want to stay at. I do remember I enjoyed the Mission Theater one, that showed movies and served your burgers and brew right there.


Another place to visit would be Silver Falls State park. There is some awesome hiking there, and usually in August the falls would be not as lush but this year we have hardly had any summer yet, so I bet there would be some awesome sights of the falls and some great picture opportunities!


Good luck and enjoy!

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I know you said you did not want to do any touristy stuff but if you get a change of heart visit Multnomah Falls. It's a BEAUTIFUL drive getting there down the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway. Also, while your biking downtown try the food cart "Big-A** Sandwiches" off of SW 2nd and Ash, It's sooooo good. Also voodoo donuts is right around the corner.


Edit: I see luminousone also suggested Multnomah Falls. It's a great place to visit and it's free.

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