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Extremely weird, almost prophetic dream

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This isn't a end of days or anything of that sort. I don't know what to really called it.


Backstory is, the past month and a half, I have been having issues with my heart. Palpitations, shortness of breath, anxiety attacks, weakness of my left arm, and pain/pressure around my lower left pec. I had 2 trips to the ER, and multiple test; 24 hour EKG, echo, treadmill, and blood tests. No fixed diagnosis, they found a heart murmur and my EKGs were abnormal; saying Biatrial Enlargement and incomplete right bundle branch block. I have my follow up to my doctor's on the 7th.


Alright here's the Dream, I'm in a red room sitting with my mother talking to a doctor; female. She shuffles some papers and asks me to explain my symptons and pain. After I explain everything and tell her about a shocking like sensation pain I get, she gives me a sharp stare, looks over the paper again. She proceeds to tell me you have ADHF. She then begins to explain it, then Im awoken by chest pain and palpitations. I have no clue or recollection of the term ADHF. Don't know what or heard of it. I look up the term and I get this - Acute Decompensation Heart Failure.(ADHF) link removed


I have never heard of this, it has never been mentioned or said by a doctor. It kind of freaked me out that I dreamt of something that never existed to me and its ironically linked to reality, It's a freaking heart condition. It was just weird and I thought I would share and see if anyone had something weird like this or im just trippin hard.

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