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Its very Awkward


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I don't really know how to start this so I will just go all out with it. My best friends and i cant be any closer, the only way we would be closer if if we were crazy glued together but anyways. For a long time i liked his sister and she is two years older than me. We both are friends we talk often and enjoy our time together but i don't know ho to break the new that I like her. I really value both of my friendships with them but i don't have a plan at all. Do i tell my best friend that i like his sister or tell his sister directly. A little more info on how strong our friends is (between me and her) we have talks on Facebook (since she lives quite far) anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Our common ground is usually on politics and we both have some disagreements like on music but that's about it. One time we were on a trip in Disneyland with a few other friends and we would have conversations on various things.

Can anyone help?

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talking about politics at 20? NICE.


I think you should tell your friend about it maybe to see if he is ok with it. But it also depends on your relationship with your friend...Do you think he would be ok with it if you don't tell him first? Then after you could ask her out and see if she wants to go on a date with you. But DO ask her out yourself, not through her brother.

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Hi Bigbird

I think you should bring up the subject of the change in your feelings for this sister.

telling him that your feelings were as a friend and now you are having more romantic feelings for her now.

and ask what he thinks about it. You have a better chance if you approach your buddy that you are look for advice.

And not that you are just telling him that you want to go out with this sister.

and also the next time you contact her and let her know the change in your feelings about her and ask her about her feelings to you.

the only thing to really take as a yes or no answer is your buddy's sister's yes or no. Your buddy will get over it if at first he is not 100% with the idea

I hope this helps some.

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