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Not sure how this works, just joined today. Neways im just goin to share my story as iv tried eting but nothing seems to be helping me with my depression.


84 days ago my girlfriend of 8 years left me. Im 23 and have been in love with this girl since i was 15! As you can imagine we have been together since we were teenagers and did all our firsts together! We really had something special and shared eting with eachother, we were best friends and couldnt live without eachother! Then last may she rang me and said she was unhappy and wanted out for good! Her reason was that she felt i was just going through the motions and felt the spark had gone. I can see where she was coming, yes the relationship hit abit of a lul but y didnt she sit me down and say we need to work harder?? The worst part of the whole thing is that it hasnt affected her in any way! She is living her life as if nothing has happened and this is the main reason why im suffering! Iv had two breakdowns and ended up in hospital twice, im on antidepression tabs but having no affect! Im going to coucilling and while i find it helpful while im there its back to square 1 the min i leave!


Thats basically the outline of my story, im not sure if this was even the correct place to post this comment but any help or guidence would be appreciated!



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When I was 12 I met this 14 year-old girl (that even today we still talk). We started dating at 15 and did all our firsts together, too. I think I may have made a post about it 2 years ago. We broke up obviously and I was depressed for a long while. We still talk and I've come to realize that we were both too young to be calling it quits on exploring our developing lives. It hurts but not everyone is looking to settle down with the first person they've been with.


I don't want to provide you with false hope, but she may come around. I only say that because my ex calls often and sometimes tells me she wishes we were still together. Honestly, I would be with her, but she goes to school in California now. Live your life man. Look at this as an opportunity.

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Welcome to ENA, and my heart goes out to you. I used hope as my carrot to move myself toward becoming the kind of person I wanted my ex to see (or hear of) in a year. During that time of going to the gym, developing friendships and throwing myself into new interests and my career, my ex became less and less important as I became more and more important.


My goal was to surprise everyone--including myself, with my resiliency and ability to bounce back and knock my life out of the ballpark. I was clear that ex would never want to reconcile with my lowest, most weakened and most dependent self. I didn't want to stay that person, either. Over time my efforts started to make me feel better, and proud. Emotions follow behavior--not the other way around. If I waited until I 'felt' like moving forward, I'd never have pushed myself.


Head high, you can do this. You'll thank yourself later.

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