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Why did she do that?


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I met an amazing woman two weeks ago and we have such a strong connection. We became attracted to one another as soon as we met and the butterflies were tickling our stomachs. We talked deeply, kissed sweetly, cuddled softly and even her friends commented on how great we are together. As soon as I become really optimistic about us, she texted me two days ago saying that she likes me alot but her ex wanted to get back together and she watns to continue that chapter in her life. * * * ?! that is not fair. Instead of acting like a stalker I just called her back and left her a voicemail saying that I respect her more for telling me the truth and that this guy is very lucky to have her and good luck. I dont find girls that I have a connection with easy so this one hurt me a little. Im not over it...


Why didnt she want to at least try us out?


Do I fight for her or just let it go?


What do I do when I see her at the gym occasionally?

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did you tell her how you feel?



im not saying that would change anything, bc we all love something comfortable and familiar, but i would feel comfortable letting go of that w/o putting my stance in concrete terms...



In the voicemail I let her know that I really liked her a lot but I did not want to spill my heart onto her because I did not want to look desperate since we have only been seeing each other for 2 weeks. However, I do feel strongly for her and I feel like it wasnt fair for her to lead me on like that while she was still reconciling things with her ex. I feel like she didnt give us a fair shot... I know I can be a better man than he is.

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Let her get on with it and don't try winning her back - she clearly knew how you felt about her so there's no point. It just seems like she was using you as a rebound, as a way of getting over her ex. Yeah, she may have had feelings for you but just not enough.


Chances are though, it wont work out with her ex and she'll come back to you so make sure you keep her at arms length. Good luck, you'll find the connection again with a girl that has no relationship baggage, I'm sure of it.

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Hey everybody... as usual, I saw her at the gym tonight. Today I made sure that my kicks were clean, I made sure I smelt good and I wanted to make her realize that she is missin' out. So I get to the gym and start working out as usual and I saw her glancing at me through the mirror while she was on the treadmill. I did not want to look like an idiot and run over to her so I just continued my workout like I did not care... I started walking over the the abdominal section as she was doing the leg press with one of her girlfriends. It was obvious by all the loud giggling that she knew I was walking over. I walked up to her and gave her a genuine smile as she locked eyes with me. She gave me a sweet hug, smiled so big and did not let go of the eye contact at all. It was like she was trying to have sex with me with her eyes or something. I gave her friend a hug and I started to walk to the abdominal section acting like I did not care... She called me back over to talk more... She asked how my weekend was and asked me how I was doing. I just smiled back and told her that I had the most amazing weekend ever... the eye contact and smiles continue .. it was like a starring contest. She just would not let go of the eye contact... It must have been at least 25 seconds paired with ear to ear smiles... As I was doing my ab workouts, I could tell that she was looking at me because I could see her through the reflection in the window. She kept giggling loud with her friend like she wanted me to hear or something. I just did my thing like she was not even there... that is what she gets for making me an 'option'... As soon as she was about to leave, I saw her in the window reflection walk up to me like she was going to say goodbye then she walked away for a few second.. she turned back around and she walks up to me and stands beside me. She says, "Shannee? I am about to head out now"..it seemed so flirtatious. So I got up and gave her a one armed hug... she put both arms around me and kissed me really softly on my cheek and looked up at me thinking I was going to kiss her more but I refused to give her what she wanted... I asked her " So... how is your boyfriend?' ... She said that they are not official, they are just on "we'll see" status... whatever that means.. We continue to smile and have sexual eye contact without letting go... she says... "we'll see what happens" again and then she tells me that she will "see me around" in a flirtatious voice as she continues to hold her huge smile and eye contact... I reply, "Yeah, I'll see you around" as she walks away I can tell that shes trying to pop her booty at me with each step... What does all of that mean? I dont get it... man this girl doesnt know what she wants...

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Maybe she doesn't know what she wants...or maybe she's getting exactly what she wants. You're playing her perfectly. Don't let her see you squirm. Your letting her go so easily is driving her crazy. She loves having multiple guys chasing after her and you're not taking the bait. I smell an attention w***e and drama queen. The question you need to ask yourself, is do you really want her back?

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Who cares? Go to different gym and act like she's dead.


You're expending too much effort on her. What are you going to get from it? This girl - a girl who is just so wonderful and perfect she LEAVES YOU FOR HER EX BOYFRIEND. Get real. This isn't going anywhere and you're best off just cutting her out and focusing on yourself. You - the most important person in the world.


When you get to the new gym, there are going to be plenty of girls who would choose you for a relationship rather than as a fill-in or a rebound.

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