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Feeling down! :(


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I feel so depressed nowadays. I guess it’s my mind and I know I should be more positive but I just feel so down. I am starting too dislike my work and I am looking for new opportunities.


Most people would luv my job as it pays great and it’s away from the supervisior and it’s working with people. But there are moments when I just want to be away from people, but I can’t because at my work I have to constantly see people.


I don’t feel as close to my friends, I have a lot yet I feel like I have no one and some of them are just so immature and I found out some of them are not who they “claim to be”.


My boyfriend is lovely at times but we constantly have communication and understanding problems. They say a partner is your best friend but we think so differently that we are more of each others enemies who love one another.


At home, I feel okay kind of. I love my family but I get irritated easily…but then I am hardly at home.


I don’t exercise as much and I don’t eat the healthiest. My sleep pattern is not the greatest either.


I am 5’6 120lb, am employed full-time, has a loving family, and I have a partner and friends but I don’t feel satisfied. People would wonder what I am complaining about but I just feel so down!



Feel free to ask questions or comments. Thank you!

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I can't help but empathize unfortunately. I'm currently working on it though, because I know it pushes people away, inadvertently, but it does.


What I've done is I've begun doing what I learned in therapy >.


So many times I catch myself frowning at work, and since I am constantly interacting with people I have to force a smile. It sucks... all I want to do is go home and literally sit in the corner of the room and cry. Or just drop everything and take a trip to some other country...


But things have been getting better for me emotionally when I don't stop. I'm making myself exercise for at least 30 minutes daily, I'm taking on little projects and seeing them through to completion - I'm physically acting like nothing's wrong. That, and I'm counting my blessings (as cliché as that sounds).

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Thank you misssmithviii: I am going to try to make myself "act happy"...buthonestly I don't eventhave the desire....there are times when I am very happy and I tell myself I hope I remember how this feels the next time I feel down..and now that i feel down I don't even have the motivation...knowing that i can just think about the positives. sighs

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