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Online dating's first contact


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I recently decided to dabble in the online dating phenomena. The one specific site has a very limited search function, the criteria can only be adjusted according to age, ethnicity, smoking, drinking, relationship status, children etc. Yet I like using it as it has members in my area. Once results appear there is a space provided for people to tell a little about themselves but most of these "stories" are very vague and doesn't really tell a lot about the person i.e most stating they have good humor, having a good time, listens to all types of music except heavy metal, hanging out with friends and so on. Thus most contacts will have to be made based entirely on "looks".


The profiles that have a little information about the person are, I daren't say easy, but easier to write letters for i.e. find something you have in common and go with that. My question now is, what would an email look like that transfers the feeling of uniqueness to the person reading it yet has absolutely no references to their profile? What does one write about to initiate first contact? Examples would be appreciated.

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I think when responding to those very generic profiles, you just need a "form letter" that describes you, not them. Make sure your form letter asks questions and doesn't just make statements.


For example, you see a pretty girl and her description just says "I like music and doing stuff. I'm laid back but also like going out. I like my family. I don't like close-minded [sic] people and judge mental [sic] people. I like my friends."


To respond to that, just send out a 1-paragraph description of yourself and intersperse some questions in it. Like if your own letter says "I like hiking and I just finished a mountaintop hike in the Rockies," then throw in something like "What outdoor activities do you like?"


You don't have to reference her profile if she gave you nothing to work with. You can't very well say: "I like music and doing stuff too!!! We have so much in common, let's get married"

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