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How to stop migraine in short notice

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I know everyone has different migraine symptoms. i need help with my migraines because they come as im about yo go to a movie with my girl or go fishing with friends. first i get vision problems then a killer headache then sometimes i throw up. help please

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Maxalt is a good medication if you take it right when the headache is starting and not after it is full blown. I'm on atenolol as a beta blocker for my migraines. While it doesn't take them compltely away, it has helped reduced the number of headaches I get.


What kind of meds are you on right now?

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I think you should find out the root cause of your migraines. All sorts of things can cause them, like how you lay down when you sleep, allergies, food allergies, stress, caffiene withdrawal, eating to much sugar all the time, sitting in front of a tv too long, needing a new glasses prescription.........could be Anything!


I used to get terrible daily migraines for 8 months because there was a cyst on my tonsil. I took 4-5 extra strengths every day! Then I had zinc pills and carrot juice (which tamed my tonsilitis and the cyst vanished) no more headaches...


Maybe go to the doctor and ask for some suggestions as to what might be causing them.

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Also...vision problems and throwing up is very strange. You should go to the doctors. They are only there to help and get you back on track. So you should really go =]


These are very common migraine symptoms. I get them all the time. The vision symptoms, is called the "aura". Only some migraine suffers get aura I believe those with classic migraine.( there are many different types) My son throws up every single migraine he has, this is very common in child suffers. For myself I get very nauseous during a migraine but I do not always throw up.


Like people have said you have to find your triggers and avoid them. Some people have a reason for migraines and if you remove the reason sometimes you never get another one. Other people like me they are genetic. My mother has them, I have them, my son has them. So I am never going to NOT get them. I do try to avoid the triggers though. Some of mine are: food sensitivities,weather,certain smells, too little sleep, too much sleep, too much emotion, touching my head, loud noises in my left ear.


There are also many different types of migraines and different types of medications and different types of natural remedies and home remedies. Everything works differently for different people. So you really have to experiment in what works for you.

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