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What Love is not !!!

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What is love can only be understood by understanding what it is not. We see an element of jealousy in love, so is love jealousy ?? jelousy is born out of possisiveness, so is love possession ? Is love saying this person is mine and only mine ? Is love ownership? Is it to add more to yourself ? Is love enclosing someone else into your prison ? Is love an achievement ?

Surely love is not jealousy, nor it is possisiveness, neither it is achievement. Now one can say that love is not these things but it can give rise to these things. If love gives rise to jealousy or possisiveness or sense of achievement, then was it love in the first place ? or it was these things only which demanded a person to move towards the other person.

Is love attachment ? If there is attachment then is there love ? if there is that possesive clinging then is there love anymore ? If there is jealousy, attachment, sense of ownership then is there any place for love to flower ? Is there any place for love to be.

Surely love is none of these.

Now is love exclusive ? By exclusive i mean is love meant for only one person and excluding all others ? If it is for only person then it is just self gratification and expansion but it is not love. If you want to add only one person to your collected objects then it is nothing but self expansion. It is greed and ambition.

Does love need an object of love ? or love can exist without anyone at the other end ? Can one be in a state of love which exists by itself. Is love different from passion ? Is love different from that state called enjoyment ?

I dont know, i have never found out that love............but certainly love is not what most of think it is.

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Love is an indefinable.....because it means different things to different people.......for some, nothing less than the raging torrent will do,......for others, it's the soothing calm of a deep, still pool.


It's what you want it to be.....


For me,


...if the happiness and well being of another person means more than your own, ........that's love!

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