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Getting mixed signals... Is he interested in me? Please help!!! I'm so confused


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So I met this guy at a cultural retreat. The first night he figured out that someone had set us up and made a comment on it. We danced, he then suggested we take a break and guided me by touching the small of my back. We talked, had a lot in common, discovered we had an 8 year age difference, but after all that he still took my number and seemed interested. Then he suggested we go back in to dance but when we did he kind of took off without me and just started dancing, but came back ten minutes later and tried to find out what I was doing later that night and told me to text him when I found out. I told him we were going to the pool and he ended up sitting by me and my friends for about five minutes.


The next day, we were supposed to go to a casino but I had a problem with getting money so I told him about it and said I might watch him play and he was like oh well I'll let you play a few hands (casino didn't work out). Then that evening we were at a club and I saw him so I grabbed his hand and said lets dance and he said ok lets get a drink first. He took off without me and didn't look to see if I was behind him so I ended up following him but first I danced with some friends right behind the bar then joined him. He asked what I wanted then told me that it was okay if we danced in a group but not alone and something about how it was my first retreat and getting a reputation. I tried to get him to budge a little but he wouldn't so then I told him lets go downstairs then since our retreat had booked the upper level of the club and then he agreed. My friends think that he was afraid dancing with me would get people to talk because of our age difference. When we went downstairs I grinded with him and I felt chemistry. He had a huge smile on his face and was looking at me and our cheeks brushed. My skirt started to ride up and he helped pull it down. We then went up because he had a false alarm and thought his friends were leaving so he told me he was going to find out what was going on, but then told me lets go back down. Again, he guided me and touched the small of my back. He got us drinks and got me water too and held the bottle and straw for me while I drank out of it (I was tipsy, i think someone told him to get me water) and then we danced.


The next night i went to the bar and didn't notice him, but he saw me, gave my arm a squeeze and tried talking to me. Then I sent him a text to come dance and he did for two minutes, but this other girl that was following showed up and stood behind us so he spun her. I think if he hadn't danced with her she would have just stood there. So when he spun her I turned my back and danced with my friends. Then at the end of the night he came and hugged me and said bye and then asked what me and my friends were doing that night and he said a bunch of us are going to be at the pool. We saw him there and he sat with me and my friends and that was it.


So the day after the retreat, I got a text from him and he said he had a pleasure getting to know and dance with me and asked if I had a good trip back home. I then texted him back and he took about 12 hours to respond, but when he did we have a little bit of a convo and told me he had skype when I asked him and he said to add him. Then the next day he didn't text me at all, but that evening I accidentally resent him a text so the next morning he sent a text saying he received the same text from me and wasn't sure why. I told him I accidentally resent it and he said no problem and started up conversation, but when I answered I asked him a question to which he didn't respond the whole day so the next day I texted him and said "hey what happened to you? and he answered. That day we talked a bit and the end of the conversation went like this:


Me pretty sure I felt some muscles the other night

Him: those were muscle implants... I got them done in europe, but ran low on cash so only got c's ;-)

Me: Lol ok so I can't believe this but you really stumped me and I used to work at a plastic surgeons office! your messing with me right?

Him: yes I'm 100% au natural

Me: haha lol I was so confused. You got me! I didn't know what to think cause we never had people come into our office for muscle implants. Well, you have a pretty good amount of muscle then. I find it unattractive when guys are completely bulked

Him: people actually do get muscle implants... I think lol

Him: and thanks for the compliment

Me: lol yeah they do, but we never had people come into our office for them, mostly breast implants, it was awkward too because sometimes old ladies came in thinking I had them and I was like uh no...

Him: Hopefully you took it as a compliment!!!

Me: no lol I was indifferent about it I don't think having a fake chest is neccesarily a good thing.


So the conversation ended there. He didn't text back after that. We haven't texted for three days. Today I sent him a text that said Happy independence day!!! and he didn't text anything back. Is he into me? I can't tell. Sorry for the length

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