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Casual fun, dating question...kind of long and complicated...need help.


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So me and this girl prior to hanging out/dating flirted a lot for about two weeks.


We have only been seeing each other and been on a few dates for the past couple weeks, and we have slept together (recently this past weekend)


She seems to be getting more distant and there hasn't been much talk about our status or where we are going. This past weekend people kind of threw out the BF/GF and I playfully blurted the idea that there shouldn't be a label (we had sex prior and after this comment mind you). I do not know if this is due to our actions of going further this past weekend. But she has been more distant and I don't know if she is expecting me to say or do something, because she seems to be just pulling away or playing hard to get.


She goes away to college (this fall) and I stay here also in college, there is an age difference (me being older), so of course maturity plays a part in it.


I wouldn't mind doing anything serious, and I don't mind if it just stays casual or a summer fling. I certainly don't like the guessing, the game playing, and not knowing what we are doing. I admit that I have been hot and cold just like she has, but I feel biased in seeming to be the one initiating everything lately from texts, kisses, hang out/dates...and like I said I do not know if this is an age thing or what.


So I don't know how to approach this situation in figuring out what to do...in how to go about it..especially after sleeping with someone. For me I consider sleeping with someone a little more than nothing...and don't write it off easily. But then again I am not seeking a full fledged committed relationship either since it may just be a summer thing. I realize I got myself into this mess by not talking to her about it, but how to I get myself out of it...lol.


Any advice on how to seek out this particular conversation with her? How to go about it and what to say without it coming off the wrong way (if you know what I mean)?

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