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Why contact me over that??

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BU happened a month ago and I have been NC ever since. (Not something I have tried before) I was a mess for the first two weeks and then just decided to get myself together and most days now, I'm doing really good. He is still on my mind almost constantly, but it does not make me cry.

Anyway a few days ago, he sent me a email saying that he was "confused" about a joint bank loan that we have. He wanted to meet to discuss it. I wrote back saying that we did not have to meet for that. He then called me from work (so I did not know the number). I explained his "confusion" over the bank loan. I was polite but quite cold and kept to the point of the bank loan.

After the call, I got another email saying how good it was to talk to me about the loan and thanking me so much for my help.

It left me really wondering, can he really be so insensitive to call for something so un-necessary. He has no idea how I am at the moment. I was a mess last time he saw me and spoke to me. I told him I could never be his friend at the BU.

It hasn't set me back but it has put me back in the "nervous" "anxious" stage.

Why contact me for such a stupid thing?!

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