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So I think my husband and I are going to break up. We accidentally got pregnant very soon after starting to see each other and i moved in very soon, i honestly dont think we would have lasted this long without the kids there.


I do love him, but im not in love with him. I see him as the father of my children and I respect that very much. He hasnt done anything wrong I just dont fancy him and we have little/nothing in common but the kids. We only have sex if I go out and come home so drunk i barely even notice :s


We have started to talk about things I think he would like to try and work things out but I dont see much hope. We are so different, the age gap has never been an issue but as he is 12 yrs older and now in his 40s but im still in my 20s we are very different people. I think breaking up will effect him more than me. It does feel like the right thing, but its very overwhelming thinking about the house, kids and pets etc where do you even start?

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