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What do you make of this? : s

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Hmm....okay.....so my ex bf broke up with me 10 weeks ago. It's a kinda complicated story.

But basically, I want to get back with him.

He has been initating contact with for the past 7-8 days, and when we talk, our conversations are long.

He has made 2 comments about how well we get along, and that no one him me like I do.

He still comments on how he finds me very attractive.


But he seems to be scared to say he wants to get back together? I don't quite know why he's talking to me everyday. He knows how I feel. He knows I love him. He says he still has feelings for me, but basically he's worried things will go back to the way they were.


So with everything he's doing; talking to me daily (him initating), commenting on how well we get along, commenting on how he thinks I'm 'sexy'. What does it sound like he's doing? I'm confused : s


He wouldn't be using me for sex, because the main reason he ended it was because I was hardly giving him ANY sex....at all. And I've told him that I would not have sex with him if he wasn't my boyfriend.

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Have the issues that caused the breakup changed at all? Do you think you can commit to a more active sex life? If not, you'll just break up again even if you do get back together. Talk it through with him if he says he's still interested. Be honest about what you are comfortable with. If you lie about it, it will just end again.

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