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feeling not good enough!!


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i had an argument with my bf today... i just started a job after months in a creche, im happy cos i live far from people i know so now i can make friends and il have money again..all he was concerned about is that is not a good enough career. he got mad at me for not wanting to study further and said i dont work as many hours as him i shouldnt waste time relaxing "being lazy" i should study. i dont feel accepted or as if im good enough now. he said im not using my brains enough and easily known i work with kids. i was shocked by this i assumed he was happy i got work. it came out of nowhere! i was crying this morning and he never said sorry he just left for work. i feel like i cant keep him happy. i changed so much for him already because im irish and he is italian he has certain expectations that not all irish girls meet, things italian he said would. I dont know why lately i just feel like im not loved for me just as i am. im so sad now i needed to get it off my mind.

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