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Does this sound like there's any hope, or should I give up and NC?

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I've been going through a break up with my girlfriend, she dumped me a month ago after 2 and a half years. It was a shock, to say the least, but after thinking back over the relationship and talking it through with a counsellor I've come to the conclusion that I acted in a codependent fashion and smothered the love we had for each other through controlling behaviour and passive aggressiveness. No wonder she wanted out!


I've been doing a lot of work on myself over the last month, and I'm at a point where I'm feeling positive again and like I don't need my ex back in my life (getting some female attention when I've gone out on the town after losing weight helped too!). I still thought it would be nice though, she's a wonderful person with whom I have such a lot in common. She had said she wanted to be friends, so I reached out and reestablished contact. I won't lie, there was a big part of me that hoped this would be some baby steps on the road to reconciliation, but I was fine with however things turned out. I just didn't want to burn bridges because of how fond I still was of her. We met for coffee and had a great time, really getting along well like we used to. I asked if she'd like to meet up again a couple of days later but she was busy. She had degree results coming out the next day, so the next morning I emailed her saying I'd had a great time the previous day and wishing her luck. I'm pretty sure I was nothing but upbeat and affectionate the whole time.


A couple of days later she contacted me saying she'd felt uncomfortable, like I wanted to be back in a relationship with her but that friendship was all she intended and all she had to offer. I suggested meeting for a chat (I intended to explain I was ok with whatever but keeping an open mind), to which she agreed, but then when we set a time later in the day she backtracked and said she felt like it was too soon to be meeting up, that it would be nice to friends in time but that we shouldn't see each other at all for a few months. She said she'd be back in touch as and when and we could go from there.


So, I'm not sure what to do! I feel like I should respect her wishes and just let things be for a while, but I feel like that might kill off any chances at reconciliation down the line (which would be a shame) because of "out of sight, out of mind". But the mixed messages have me confused. Does she still want to be friends? Does the erratic behaviour mean she still cares? Should I try to stay in touch with her a bit despite her insistence that she'll be back in touch with me when she feels ready?


Anyway, I could use some advice and some other people's views on what might be going through her head! Thanks in advance!

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