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Well, I'm almost 21 I've had 5 relationships in my life. 2 used me for money or to make someone jealous. 1 was with me because there wasn't anything better at the time, another thought she wanted a BF but just wanted a friend. Thus I have only had one girl interested in me but I just kept getting turned down till she got fed up and said yes she would go out with me. I'm the kind of guy I'm average build but 5'7 so I'm a little short. I don't think I'm good looking in anyway, mostly because most of my GFs weren't lets say good at making you feel good looking because it was all about them. All of my FB pics are dark so you can't really see my face. Any, who lol My Mom dragged me to church yesterday for some concert deal. Well there is this girl who I guess been asking about me. Well we go to church and she gets the seat infront of us (we sat on an end). She kept turning her head around and looks like she was looking at the door but her eyes didnt make it that far. Then when she would talk to the older lady next to her she would look at me out of the corner of her eye. I can't tell if she was thought I was weird looking, I'm not just not good looking. On her FB pics don't do justice but in real life she's super cute. Now because I had to go home and go bed (I work midnights for a Law Enforcemnt Agency) I didn't get to talk to her or meet her. I thought about adding her on FB and "accidently" I'm her or something lol. I never get the girl on looks, ever. Meeting new people I get turned down 11 out of 10 times. Yes, it is that bad. lol But does anybody think that she might be semi interested or just looking at some loser behind her? Keep in mind she turned around a lot! Like 3-5 times every 10-15 mins.



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lol...I use to do that all the time when I was younger. She was definitely checking someone out. Make a move.

As far as looks go,feel good about yourself, stop putting yourself down. You are still young. Work out, dress in a way that makes you feel good, take care of your appearance.

Personally, I am attracted to people because there is a pull...it has nothing to do with looks although I find them appealling. some men have been very attractive and others not as much. But as my feeling grow, they all just get better looking. The main thing is to feel good about yourself and be comfortable with who your are. The guy I like is no one I would notice on the street(but I did!). I thought he would be shy and quiet, but he flirts and acts confident. IT is such a turn on.

Good luck.

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