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So after 3 weeks NC i get this message.

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"Just so u know, we don't have to ignore each other when we see eachother at work. If you want to speak to me than im cool with it, if not all good. I hope you've been doing well =)"


Its been a while now (2 months?) since the breakup. She's happy seeing some other guy (me and him don't exactly get along) but the thing is i've kind of accepted it had to happen.


I've been wanting to wish her well because I truly do want her to be well.


But 3 days ago we had to work together, prior to this i'd done my best to wave and be nice, but she mostly just ignored me. So I took up ignoring her. And yeah I just got this message.


I really do feel we just wern't suited but I don't want to be too overly complimentary. Because I have been through hell these past couple of months and shes bounced back.


Anyone care to give input as to a good way of replying? I would like to wish her well.

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"Ok, no worries"


Then just treat her like a colleague at work - polite but distant. Or if you feel it would set you back, don't reply.


It won't set me back at all. Ive actually been waiting for this opportunity.


I'd maybe like to be a bit friendlier than that?


I know you think im overly obsessed with being a people pleaser. But I do recognise the fact that this breakup was meant to be.


I don't even feel anything for her anymore? She's just like a person I used to know.

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"sure no problem, thanks


straight and to the point. when you pass by each other at work, just say hi. i'd advice to not get into conversations with her though. just treat her as just another of your co-workers that you just say hi to but dont really talk to.

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