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Subject line, when responding to a girl's profile


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I've heard women get a lot of responses to their online ads. What is the best kind of subject line to use when emailing them?

Should it just be something like "Hi", or something gimmicky? What kinds of subject lines would you be most likely to look at first?


Thanks very much.

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The subject line doesn't matter as much as the content of the message- "hi would probably be an okay subject. But in the body of the message, make sure to reference something on her profile or otherwise let her know that you're not sending a generic message to 50 women a day and there is something specific about her that interests you.

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When a woman opens her profile inbox, she's got about 20 emails all starting with a subject line, "HI," "HEY," "HOW R U???"


That's annoying.


Be creative. You want her to open her inbox and see all those other dopes creating the same subject line, but then there's this one subject that's different. That is the email she is most likely to open and delete the rest. It's still a numbers game, but that may help some.

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Find something in her profile that interests you and ask her about that. It's not a whole lot different than real life, except you get to practice.


Example - She has visited Germany. You like the country itself - ask her what she thought of her visit.


Oh and if she does not respond - either she does not want to because she does not want to talk about something she is interested in (as odd as that sounds) or something in YOUR profile deterred her.

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I'd say don't get too gimmicky unless you naturally have a super offbeat sense of humor. I've had guys write quirky subject lines like "attack of the killer carrots" and it's memorable but sometimes not in a good way. Especially when it has nothing to do with the content of the message and it's so random that they can use it for every message. Typically they'll start out by saying "just wanted to get your attention" and then proceed to summarize their profile, it almost reeks of desperation.


The content is far more important than the subject line, and in particular whether what you write could be written to any woman and whether it engages her or just talks about you.


Personally I read through every message, but if you want to get her attention I'd say maybe the best possible subject would be a closed-ended question that is specific to her interests. For example if she says she likes tennis your subject line could be "have you been following Wimbledon?" Or if she says she loves yoga your question could be "bikram or ashtanga?" If she's a hiker you could ask her "ever been to xxx park?" Right away you've signaled to her that you've read her profile and are interested in hearing more.


Another decent approach to a subject line would be something specific to the current day ("happy 4th" here in the US or "having a good weekend?" if you write her over the weekend.) It's a bit different but not too offbeat. But again it's really the content that matters.



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Just wanted to get your attention lol


Thanks Wockawocka, that was excellent advice. I like your idea about a closed-ended question that indicates *in the subject line* that I have read the woman's profile. I'll save killer carrots for a first date conversation (j/k)

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I agree with the others who say the subject line isn't nearly as important as the content, but event hat pales in comaprison to a good profile with good pictures. And I'm not saying you have to be a model but have good pictures. Smile. Look like you're havving fun and please don't post pics of you in your car on your motorcycle or with your shirt off. (those may be okay for the 20 something crowd but if you want ladies your age...then act your age.)

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