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Saying that you would like to get back with each other WHLIST Breaking up


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Me and my ex girlfriend had been going out with each other for 1 year and 1 month I'm 19, she's 20.


At first me and her agreed to break up mutually because she received a drunken phone call of me and then days later she wanted to talk. She also was getting fed up with me not seeing her enough. So we broke up.


After about a month of being broken up we met up a few times and we agreed to just start taking a break because we both still really liked each other and we were both finding the break up really difficult.


But then I went and slept with a friend of mine but she had been paranoid that something was going to happen between me and her. But me and my ex were taking a break at the time. My ex found out about me sleeping with her so then just told me that it was really difficult for her but she had to dump me because she was really upset with what I had done.


She then also said that "In a year, we will see what happens and possibly get back together, but don't wait around for me"


Me and her work at the same place so we have had a little bit of contact between when she said that and it was about 3 months ago. She is still up for what she said but she also said "Not to dwell on it" and see what happens.


What should I do should I just play it as cool as I can and then see what happens?

Me and her still appear to be on good terms at work and good terms outside of work but I have not really seen her that much outside of work obv.


Help please

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I think you need to sit and actually think about why you want to get back with this girl.

To me, it honestly sounds like she doesn't mean very much to you. From the fact that you let the relationship get to where it is now, you didn't put in the effort to fix anything, you slept with someone else and justified it with "well we weren't together, so."


I'm sorry, I know this might seem mean to everyone on here, but I don't think this girl deserves what's your dishing out, and it's best if you let her go in peace if your heart is not truly in it. Her happiness doesn't seem like a priority to you.

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