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How much to charge?

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I am a nanny.


I work for a family M-F. Occasionally other families will ask me to work weekends etc.


A mother asked me to work an overnight next weekend (I have worked overnight before)


When I worked overnight the previous time I worked from 6pm until 10 am and she paid me 80 dollars (the child goes to sleep at 9 and wakes up at 10) She was actually supposed to come home at 8 am, but I wrote her and and said, 'it's sunday. enjoy a relaxing morning at your bf's 10ish is fine" she ended up kicking me another 20 bucks, which I did not expect in the least. I was just doing it as a courtesy.


This time it's an overnight again but from 12 pm saturday until 4 or 5 on sunday. she asked me to name my price. Given the previous details, what do you think is a fair price?


(also when we goes out on a weekend night I will usually come at 6 and stay until 1 or so... I charge 10 dollars an hour then since I am really only working for three hours...)



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I always thought that the babysitting rate applies even if the baby is sleeping -you're responsible to be there in case the baby wakes up. I would charge whatever the going rate is in your city - as an estimation something like 12-15/hour sounds right, including sleeping time.

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So for 16 hours you got $100, I guess extrapolating that to 28 hours would be $175. If I were you I'd ask for $250. The reason being that this time you're with the kid for a lot more waking hours than you were before. While some jobs do get paid at the same rate for sleeping this is an informal (and presumably untaxed job which includes meals) so that lowers the rate a bit.


This being said I don't have kids and haven't babysat in ages, maybe the going rates tend to be higher than this.

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