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Feedback from online dating and ways to enhance my chances if I find the one


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Last year immediately after I became a free man again on my 30's female friend told me I could be successful in the online dating world thing.


I am so against that but I decided to create my profile looking for long-term relationship.


In about 45 days I went out to face-to-face with 8 women. I kissed and had physical contact with at least 4 of them during the first encounter. Two invited me to go out again and I decline. One resulted in full sex first night and she came back for more encounters. The most interesting ones, two single ones without kids, ended up dumping me and I felt bad about that back then. But I think more about it, and at least they went out with me three times at least so I attribute that to the highly competitive environment of online dating where the better looking women are pursued by literally hundreds of very horny men.


My point is, based on that performance, I could conclude that looks and approach to women is not a problem.


I cancelled my profile after that experience because I got tired of that; it is a cultural thing that some women in this country start talking about and show pictures from their dogs, cats, etc and the lack of better topics to talk about really begins to annoy me.


I maintained one and only one contact from the online dating thing who is an apparent nice girl from Europe. We chat almost every day for a year via Skype. We have a scheduled a full top-notch vacation in which we agree that after we meet each other for two days in her town to validate our Skype experience, I will get a resort and certainly enjoy Champagne (the real one) by the swimming pool and relax at the same time we meet each other, visiting museums and talking about and drinking wine at night. She told me that this is not the the type to go for sex, and I replied that I want way more than that, no problem.



Guys and good women out there, if she is a good woman and I want to date her long-term, do you agree I should hold one for at least few nights before I attempt to hold her hands and then kiss her which in my experience tend to result in sex rather quickly. How many nights you think I should wait before attempting physical and sexual contact? If she is a serious and good girl, I am looking for long-term for real and I want to give all signs that i the case.

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i see from your previous thread that you call her an online bimbo...that would put me off big time, as does your experiment, but to each his own i guess....and you seem to be making a sort of time line by which things have to happen, hold hands, kiss and then sex follows quickly....why not take it really slow and get to know each other first and not already think about when it is appropriate to get into her pants? see how it is when you meet, maybe the connection is there instantly, maybe not, you cannot plan these things in advance....

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