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Want to break NC so bad today

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It's been 10 days... I know- weak.


4 days ago my ex texted me "sup" and I ignored it... 30 mins later another text to meet her at a bar close to my place. I didn't respond. 1 hour later a phone call. another hour later another phone call. Ignored again... I felt like I had so much power.


Now 4 days later I'm so bored with life I feel like texting her to hang out. I still have access to her email account and I've been fighting myself since last night to not look at it to see what she's up to because I deleted my Facebook (I'm going all of July without it... maybe more if I start to like not having it.)


There's a band coming to Denver that me and my ex LOVE.... The Avett Brothers... I can get tickets for that concert and to be honest I wouldn't really want to see them without my ex. It's so hard... she tells everyone she's single but I saw a picture in her email 10 days ago of her with another guy holding him at a Rockies game. BLAHHHH!!!! But I've promised myself I would NEVER look at her email again. I wish I could just tell her to change the password.


Going with her would suck but going without her would suck even more...


HHEEELLLPPPPP- I've been so strong lately.

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Stay solid man! The "sup" has to be viewed as a power play. You do have power over yourself. You need to immediately tell her you can access her email... Then, if she changes it, she want's privacy. If she doesn't change it, she wants you to see it. Understand the wanting you to see it is NOTHING BUT a mental power play she has that she deep-down wants you to pine after her. If she does change it, she wants nothing more to do with you in my book, no matter the texts. Either way, you will have more insight in her intentions... which don't sound that good either way. Quit beating yourself up on someone that doesn't care that much. Life is TOOOOO short. I was just 23 yesterday it seems. You'll see what I mean.

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