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Okay so, details first to explain my thread;

I have been in a Long Distance Relationship for 3 years now, and we are still very happy together (: we visit each other every year (more than once XP) and we really enjoy each others company. I have NEVER felt like this about someone before. I love him so much.

Since I was a little kid I have always said to myself "I don't want to kiss a guy properly until I meet someone that I love". (Properly meaning... a proper kiss on the lips, and a snog xP) I have stuck by that, and now I think I'm ready, as I have never felt more comfortable with a guy and I have never loved someone so much in my life, and I very much doubt these feelings will ever change.

I'm 16 now, and everyone in my class has kissed people properly except me. That doesn't bother me in the slightest, because they are normally drunk or high when they get with a guy. (I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or anything...). I want mine to have true meaning.


What I made this thread for, is that this is my first kiss EVER. And I am ready, but a little nervous. x3

I really want to do it properly.... although, he has said that I shouldn't be nervous and that we have forever to work on it. (:

But I still am nervous... just because I can picture the emotions it's gonna give me. My heart pounds through my chest even at the thought of it. XP

I may just get too happy that I stop randomly LOL


So, tell me everyone, how did you feel when you had your first kiss and the build up to it? (:

Where were you? how special was it to you? (:

If you have any advice that calms nerves that would be...awesome XD

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Quite honestly it was the best thing ever up until that point for me


Advice.. Well firsts are always scary. Just "go with the flow" and try not to be self conscious about it. I don't really think there is any advice that can make doing something for the first time less... Intimidating? It's a leap into new territory, Just have fun with it and dont worry yourself about "making it perfect".

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it was the best thing for me too and i was wayyyy older than you are now....i was terrified at the thought and was sure i would do it wrong, guess what? instinct kicks in and you know what to do! just enjoy it and let it happen, it's the best thing ever and especially with someone you love....i said the same as you, didn't want to just kiss for the sake of kissing, had to be with the one i loved and it was and it was magical and i will never forget it....we're still together, he is my first and only love and i love kissing him!

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Thank you both for your advice/stories (:

They have already calmed me down haha, my mum just told me to go with the flow too XD

"going with the flow" seems like great advice, so that is what I shall do! thank you DoggyTreats

I'm glad that you told me instant kicks in, sara-pezzini, that is VERY reassuring haha xD


It's the leap Im worried about I think, because its a line I haven't crossed before, so it's like, exciting and also scary XD

I am very much looking forward to it, though

I think my boyfriend may prefer that than me biting him all the time, heh XD

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you're welcome.....trust me, you will know what to do....once his lips were on mine, all my doubts and fears were gone and it just happened naturally and knew how to kiss him back and i was very, very scared up till then...now i don't know why i made such a big deal of it cause it is the easiest thing.....and you already love him and feel safe with him, that's all you need! you will enjoy it, i promise! when will you see him again? do tell us how it went!!

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I am seeing him on the 11th of July till the 14 July (:


I'm not sure if I have given him signals that I want to kiss him, but I THINK I have XD

If not, I do have an idea that might send off a signal maybe ;D

I don't know if I should make the first move or wut, but I guess it will just happen when it happens hehe ;D


I'm glad you become naturally fluent, that's very reassuring o.O


And I will let you know how it goes ;D

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