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Went out last night, ex told me she was with someone else, missed call this AM

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Yes I agree, NC is the best way to go! I have done this too, I was tempted several times to reply but didn't. And sad to say, yes it seems like she's playing games because you were cool about her new guy, ignore her man! Good job btw!!

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Well lol, had a most thoughtful and extensive text this morning in reply

"thanks g** x" .


Great, so she comes back into my life apparently to assuage her guilt when she's emotional and hungover on a Sunday, wakes up Monday and realises it was a bad idea.


Oh well, I'm not responding. And if she continues further communication without any mention of a recon then I am going to politley ask her to stop.

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Well having had a nights sleep and some retrospect time, I have come to the conclusion that the entire episode was merely her letting go of some emotional baggage. She proudly exclaimed she was with this new guy on Saturday night, then obviously realised it the next day and felt guilty, hence the calls and texts. The message I received last night was just another guilt thing. I am attaching no recon value to it, as those are not the words my ex would use. In fact. eveything she has said has been to do with making her feel less bad.


So in brief - no recon, resume NIC, and possbily strict NC if texts received are not alluding to Recon.


Mtom - begins with G matey!


EDIT - Just had a one ring missed call from her, didnt respond. Arghghhhh leave me alone, I was doing fine until now lol.

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