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So many questions about SEX :(


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I just got home from my boyfriend's house. I'm 20, this is my second boyfriend and second sex partner, as of tonight. I have so many questions.....


1. There were no emotions involved. My exboyfriend I had loved before we had sex and when I had sex with him it was just a WAVE of emotions that overcame me (in a good way, of course). With my current boyfriend, it felt great to be intimate with him and be close to him, but I didn't feel anything emotionally. I really don't feel "closer" to him than I did before we had sex. It wasn't "making love" persay, it was just "sex". Am I building it up to be more than it is?


2. Can sex ever be boring? When I had sex with my exboyfriend we only had done missionary position because we were young and inexperienced. My current boyfriend is obviously very experienced and we tried 3 different positions tonight alone--me on top, some sideways thing, and doggy style. But in all 3 positions I felt like he was doing all the work. I tried to help, but I just couldn't get into the rhythm/motion of things--it was all new to me. I felt bad because I felt like a log just lying there. He still came, but I feel like it would have been better if I could have actively participated more.


3. How long does sperm stay alive on your hands? He took off his condom and then kinda messed around with his penis and then maybe 10 minutes later he fingered me.

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You're just new an inexperienced. You'll eventually learn. Just be open about it to him, no harm can come of it.


As for sperm, I don't think it'd last longer than 10 minutes. The moment it hits natural air it starts to dry out, could only last a few minutes. Just be careful next time

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1. That comes with time. Some people Exprience that "blind love" where you imediately fall into reckless abandon with the person and that deepening of the conection comes easier, Others it takes time.


2. Thats very subjective. Really depends on what you and your SO are "into". We like to constantly "mix things up" never doing it the same way twice in a row. Keeps it where it always has that feeling of something special and an adventure instead of routine.


3. I may be wrong, I never really payed atention in biology.. but I think that would be related to the Amount of ejaculate. a bigger puddle would sit there longer and let em' keep swimming. I could be wrong tho.

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