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Taking a step back!

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I was promoted to a Retail Manager role back in January, at the time i had finished doing a relief role and was asked to stay on permanently, it was a promotion and a good opportunity for me however 6 months later i regret my decision and would like to return to my old role as an Assistant Manager, the girl who replaced me has just handed her notice in, they havent had anyone permanently since i left.


Since taking this Management role i have found that i am unhappy every day, i have lost all motivation and passion for my work, i just feel that this role is not right for me at this time, i dont know what HR will say about me changing my mind, i gave it a chance and i feel it hasnt worked out for me personally, i didnt find this role hard, i settled in perfectly, accepted the responsibility and maintained good sales through the store.


I felt being an Assistant Manager fit me perfectly, i was happy, enjoyed my job and loved going to work each day, now i find i feel the opposite way and know that i need to make a change soon!


Do i take the step back or stay in my current role and hope things will change?

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You might be unhappy, but taking a step back is something you'll regret in the future. In my opinion, you just need to work hard, keep at it no matter what. There's always room to move up again, think of the career progression and where you're taking your life to?


I know it's not the answer you want, and people will all tell you differently, but I believe you should stick it through. Nothing in life comes free and we need to work hard to build to a level where we can go "I did my best, I made it a long way."

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