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wait...are these dates!?!?


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Yes kind of a silly title. I recently met this guy who will be working/studying at the same place I currently am- slightly different field. He moved here recently and I guess didn't know anyone really so I of course was very welcoming and willing to show him around etc.

A couple times I joined him on some 'group' type outings- he had invited several others; however, they ended up being just me or one other person. Now a few times he has called up and just asked me to do something. I haven't been able to just because he always calls the night of and I have something else. But he's persistent and calls again! lol. I hope as heck not to come off as hard to get. Call, I will answer, and ask... and I will most likely say yes to just about anything!

I have never been on any dates before- but this guy is really genuine and nice. I'm still a little unsure if he's just being friendly and asking me to do stuff with him or if he actually likes me. We'll see, I've never been in this situation before. He has mentioned a previous relationship (?), but it's actually kind of nice knowing that at least he might know what he's doing. haha This sounds cheesy but I suppose the best I can do is just be myself, which I guess has worked so far We're doing something tomorrow.

Wish this luck!

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