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What's the best way to make friends in this lifestyle??

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I've been going out more and trying to socialize with other gay peers as me but I really can't seem to find someone who just want a friendship and isn't on some kind of crap. Most of the guys I meet are just interested in trying to sleep with me after I stated first off that I'm not just interested in sex. The other gay men are just stereotypical and extra who's all about causing drama and all of that is just too much for me. It really seems hard for me to find someone who is decent. I stay in Atlanta Georgia here in the U.S which is becoming really popular with gays and lesbians so you think it would be easy for me to find friends but it's hard. It seems like everyone I meet have some type of agenda. Perhaps it's just my bad luck I guess..

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Just be yourself, make your intentions known and just be laid back. It's easy to mistake friendliness for flirting so be sure you clarify where it's needed. It takes all kinds of us to make the world go 'round make sure you have a healthy balance of us all. Just as there are stereotypes out there you also have types that you can't find in bars but only through exploration. There are groups, events and through posts like this one that we can relate, vent and communicate through friends. If you're ever in Dallas, tx let me know you're coming and I'll be happy to sit and talk about it over coffee I wouldn't mind adding you to my list of friends. =)


Best of luck!



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I think you expect too much from people you have just met. You're not given yourself enough time to get to know them, and the new people you're meeting haven't been given enough time to get to know you. The attraction to meeting new people is that for a little while you can pretend to be something you are not, and you can fantasize that they are something they are not.

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lol, Joe, how many times are you going to ask the exact same question? Has it occurred to you that maybe what you want simply doesn't exist? Or maybe it just doesn't exist in Atlanta? Or in your age group?


You may have to be a bit more... malleable because clearly, what you want isn't exactly leaving you thrilled.

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