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Is he playing games


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I've been trying to go out more. There is this guy I know from school days ... long long ago. We were never really friends but we're friendly. After leaving school we joined some volunteer groups so I saw him around more. We started chatting off and on. Whenever we chatted it was always upwards of an hour each time. I remember a couple of times he spotted me in a fast food restaurant and chatted with me so long he left without ordering food ... and his friends who he went to the restaurant with abandoned him after the first 45 mins. I never thought that he might like me until I saw him at this party and something about the way that he was chatting to me said that he might be interested in me but I wasn't sure. I also didn't know if I liked him since I really hadn't given it any thought.


Well I decided to invite him out to play pool with some friends of mine (a guy and a girl who are dating). He said he didn't know how to play but that he would come anyway. I figured I would keep it casual and worse case scenario I would have a night out with some friends. He's fun to be around so I figured I couldn't lose even if it turned out my instincts were wrong. Well my friends decided that they preferred to go to some musical which was on for one night. I offered him an easy out since he didn't seem enthused but he didn't take it. We were to meet at the place and he was really late. He told me he had been googling strategies for pool playing when i switched it up on him. i thought that was really cute. The show was ok. After the show we stuck around chatting and he suggested we go to the nightspot, when we got there he suggested that we check out this party. Well we went and danced the morning away ... and it was tons of fun. At the end of the night he said we should do it again the following week. the following week I had early mornings and some commitments that I didn't think could be balanced with a night on the town. I called and cancelled for Friday. things got wrapped up earlier than expected and my girlfriend suggested we try a singles party. Because it was a singles party I didn't invite my guy friend, the party got canceled and we went elsewhere and I ran into my guy friend. So I texted him the next day and told him the back story in case he thought I blew him off. I followed up with a call and invited him to come with us again and we could play pool if it was his preference. He said ok. Well long and short of it is that he agreed to come up to 8 p.m. and didn't show up. About 1:30 a.m he texts me to say he fell asleep and that he is sorry. I believed him since I figured he's not the type to say he would come with us if he didn't want to. he seemed more interested in the activity than me ... which is fine since i don't mind just hanging out.


since I invited him out the first time I haven't been able to talk to him for a whole minute. Seriously, the phone records the call duration and its always like 58-59 seconds. He always has another call. I don't think I can have one of those "what's going on" talks since I don't know what I would like to happen. Before he seemed dependable but now he seems flaky.


A friend suggested he is playing games to see how I would react. I hope not. I am so tired of games. What do you think?

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I think you set him off a little when you bumped into him that night after the singles party. He was dependable before then, because he was really interested and thought you were interested too. Now he's pulling away a bit because he is afraid you don't like him back.

From the first few encounters (chatting for hours) it seemed to me like he really liked you. Choosing to chat to you for an hour while his friends abandoned him at a fast food outlet. That is a good sign in my books.


I'd say call him up and ask him out for dinner.

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