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Another blown opportunity

i miss her 2

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I haven't really dated in a while. I feel socially inept to be honest. I was in a 4 year relationship that ended badly two years ago. People are constantly surprised that im single because they think im a great looking, fun person. I feel lost though on dating or finding someone. Im shy sometimes.


I know I have opportunities left and right but I always blow them or dont take advantage!


Like last night. I decided to go to a club with a friend from work. I kinda danced a bit but it was a joke for the most part. I spotted this very cute girl dancing with her friends. I swear she didnt see checking her out. All of a sudden she turns around, grabs my arm and pulls me over to where they were and dances with me. Perfect opportunity but after I was done dancing with her, I just walked away with nothing much to say. I feel dead inside sometimes. There I was , thinking this girl was so attractive, wondering what to do or say to approach her , and she pulls me in.


Why do I just walk away from that?!

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