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Success Story: From Ex GF to Wife!

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Hey guys,


My girlfriend and I broke up in June last year and it was probably the hardest time of my life! You guys know what I am talking about, its torture. One thing that really helped me were forums like this one! I took some advice from here and a few other places and eventually won her back! We got married on the 17th of February this year in Thailand! Best day of my life, it is a bit weird being married at 23 but it is really rewarding also!


I'm not sure if I can help anyone here but I would like to try so if anyone would like some help or opinions from a guy that made it work then just ask! It can be tricky to discuss it here (will be complicated replying to each thread and then waiting for a reply etc). Even if you just want a shoulder to cry on or to see some kick ass wedding photos then just drop me a line. People like you helped me so if I can help someone in anyway then I will!

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Well im in a similar situation. I kept a secret from my boyfriend that i meant to tell him. but couldnt find the guts to. he found out through some one else. He cant believe that i didnt tell him. but believe me i wanted to. i just didnt know how. He says he doesnt love me anymore and that everything we had was a fake. EVERYTHING....but he is giving me another chance to fix things. he says that he thinks he can fall in love with me again and that he does want to. do you think i can make him fall in love with me again?

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Love doesnt die overnight! Your bf is obviously very anger over what the secret is,maybe hurting too, time will change him.

Give it time. you didnt give insight on your relationship or what he heard,this may help with further advising you.

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