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20 Days till Wedding, Never been so Anxious in my life

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Pretty Much what the title says. It's Driving me Batty at this point.. I feel kinda like one of those action movies where the bomb timer is counting down LOL.


I really can't wait for it to be "done" It's not the Marrying of my Fiancee that has me freaking out, I lover her so so so much and All i wana do is say forever at this point It's the whole 'social' aspect of the event thats freaking me out. Just sacred to death of makiing an A** of my self. I've never been good with groups of people- I can sit there and profess my love to Her one on one all day no problem- Spilling my heart infront of a bunch of people not so much


Always been a problem for me... I'd Freak out reading a paper aloud in highschool (and i dont even have to see these people outside of class!!) but getting up there infront of people i actually know.. good lord.

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First of all don't drink much at all so you can keep better self-control.


Have a good breakfast.


Write out what you want to say for the speech and then put bullet points it on notecards. Keep it short and sweet. Thank everyone by name that you want to thank (parents, family members, in-laws, best man and groomsmen, bridesmaids etc) and a general thank you to everyone for coming and to those who gave gifts. Finally, say that you love your wife very much and thank her for marrying you. Then sit down - it's done. Practice this a few times in front of a mirror to get the timing right.


Remember to breathe properly - if you find yourself taking short, shallow breaths that could be a panic attack about to start - avoid it by taking slower and deeper breaths to regulate the oxygen to the brain and even out the heartrate.


Remember that most people will be watching the bride and not you.

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Thanks for the advice. I do have a history of Anxiety disorder but was taken off meds for it after deemed no longer needed (aster school i didnt find my self in many social / stressful situations that often triggered it) Since im due for my CDL physical this week I think it may be worth discussing with my DR. as well.

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Also remember that all these people are supposed to be there to support you and for you. You're not there to entertain them (unless you want to!). I will add to DN's advice to picture them all in their undershirts when you make your speech (Brady Bunch reference). Good luck and congrats!

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I hate being the center of attention, the thought of a wedding freaked me out.


Let me tell you, the day of...it was really just me and my husband. I had tunnel vision. I am so thankful for the photogrpaher, because I feel like everything was a blur, and the day went so fast and all I remember was my husband.


I don't remember anything about the speeches [we gave one, it went just fine] I was terrified about our first dance [we have a significant height difference!] but it was amazing, everything just went so well.


And like mentioned, I reminded myself that the people there are my closest friends and family. At times I often forgot it was MY wedding day, because I was just myself. I mingled, chatted, laughed and then would look down and see my dress and go "Oh ya, I got married today!"


It goes fast, it really does. All the silly things that bothered me, weren't even on my mind the day of!

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